10 Most Famous Websites Built With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails framework is one of the most widely deployed open-source web applications. The first question that comes to the mind is, what is Ruby on Rails? Without getting into complex definitions, let’s make it simple. Ruby on Rails is a framework that uses ruby programming language. Rails, on the other hand, helps the developers build responsive yet interactive custom websites and applications regardless of their complexity
Several websites have used Ruby on Rails and are now enjoying peaks of popularity and profit. The top 10 websites built using the framework Ruby on Rails are listed below:


Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores, allowing people to sell their goods online. Built using the framework Ruby on Rails, Shopify is one of the most successful websites. Shopify developers used many RoR libraries to enhance the functionalities of the website. Shopify also published a POS embedded application that uses RoR.


Basecamp is an online communication tool that helps teams interact, perform and manage their on-going projects effectively. It replaces the traditional methods of project management and makes the process a lot more hassle-free. The project management tool has largely enabled users to manage complex projects, helping them overcome losses that occurred due to poor management. Initially, Basecamp used the web-based RoR application for company use only. Later, the tool was brought forward for the public to use and enjoy its perks.


Hulu offers leading video streaming services that include on-demand movies and seasons. The services are only available to users in the US and Japan. Brought about a decade ago, Hulu was designed using Ruby on Rails. It leverages a wide range of RoR’s features for its frontend as well as backend. This allows it to stream live and on-demand TV and movies, with and without commercials,


Airbnb is an online custom website that allows people to rent out hotels and homes etc. in 191 different countries. Users are given the option to choose their accommodation according to their preferences. This includes pricing, amenities of the place, and location, etc. Ruby on Rails powers the API of AirBnB, providing them with an efficient payment stack and cost-effective database models.


Goodreads is a book reading and recommendation custom website, allowing people to search and read books they like. With one of the largest databases of books, annotations, and reviews, Goodreads was developed using Ruby on Rails frameworks. The website is interactive, offering Users to sign up and register books they want to read. Goodreads also has the feature of creating surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions.

Internet Yellow Pages

Developed to reduce paper usage, Internet Yellow pages is an online business directory that uses Ruby on Rails framework. The business telephone directory organizes contact numbers according to the business category instead of sorting them alphabetically by the business name.


GitHub emerged as a breakthrough technology at the time when it got introduced to the world. The web-based hosting service enabled thousands of software developers to share their codes with others. Furthermore, it allowed programmers to contribute to a software project from any part of the world. Known as one of the high-traffic websites, it is built with Ruby on Rails. GitHub uses RoR to process a large number of requests effectively.


Slideshare is a hosting service that enables users to share their content in the form of presentations, documents, and videos. It is one of the most visited custom websites of the world and is developed using Ruby on Rails framework. With a powerful database, it serves over 80 million professionals regularly.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary of slangs and phrases that was developed with Ruby on Rails in 2009. It is famously called as a crowdsourced online dictionary that offers a responsive search engine with precise search results. Urban Dictionary has around 18 million readers all over the world, making the website a massive success.


Groupon is an e-commerce marketing platform that connects subscribers with local merchants. It offers affordable deals for a variety of local goods, services, and restaurants, etc. in 15 countries. With other unique features such as discounts, the website was quick to rise to the peak of fame soon after it was developed. It used Ruby on Rails for frontend development, leveraging its libraries and features to enhance the website’s functionalities.

All in all, Ruby on Rails is a great framework to develop high-traffic websites. Nowadays, the developers are using it to bring about custom websites in a time-efficient and cost-effective process. If you want to get your hands on a robust web application that could help flourish your business, hire Clustox’s dedicated ROR developers now. To get more information, follow the link below:

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Looking for consultancy?

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Why Ruby on Rails Should be Used for Your Startup?

A Quick Summary – In this article, we will be discussing the perks of Ruby on Rails framework, and how it is revolutionizing the web development field. We shall look into the details of this question:

“How can you skyrocket your business by employing Ruby on Rails?”

Whether you are an old fish in the market or just about to begin your startup, you must have employed or thinking of employing an efficient programming language to enhance your productivity.

Well, there is good news for y’all out there. Ruby on Rails has got your back. Do many clients and businesses ask why to choose Ruby on Rails among all other frameworks and languages? Well before embarking on the journey to answer this question, I’ll straighten out some points first and then everything will be clear in a moment.

So let’s begin the journey to knowledge…

1. What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (also known as RoR) is an open-source framework, developed in Ruby language. It is specially designed to develop database-backed web applications.

A framework is a structure based on the collection of tools, utilities, and code to work with. Ruby on Rails framework employs the use of features such as conventions and assumptions eliminating the hassle of configuration process and increasing the productivity. It makes your code quite organized and structured.

2. The Rails Philosophy:

DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself: This software principle states that “Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.”

Instead of repeating the modules, our code is more maintainable, more extensible and less buggy.

Convention is over Configuration: Ruby on Rails has the opinions about an outstanding way for doing lots of things in a web app, and defaults to this particular set of conventions, instead of requiring the specific minutiae through limitless configuration files.”

3. Ruby on Rails and Ruby

The programming language Ruby is a strong reflective, OOP and dynamic similar to Python and Earl. Ruby converts the source code into machine readable code. Rail is a framework, a collection of libraries, modules, and structures that help you build web applications. Ruby on Rails combines the features of both the platforms and opens the gateway to whole lot new functionalities.

4. Examples of Ruby on Rails Applications

Top guns in the computing industry have adopted the Ruby on Rails. Some examples of Ruby on Rails sites are:

  • Soundcloud
  • Funny or Die
  • Slideshare
  • Hulu
  • Github
  • Shopify
  • Airbnb
  • Ask.fm
  • Scribd
  • Kickstarter
  • Zendesk and the list go on…

5. The architecture of Ruby on Rails

Model-View-Controller approach is adopted to increase the maintainability and flexibility of the application.

Models maintain communication with their comparable components in the database. It also manages the business logic and rules to manipulate data and allows validations.

6. View

User-interface is the front-end view of the application embedded in Ruby. Views are responsible to transfer data to the browsers that requested the web pages in formats such as HTML, PDF, RSS, XML etc.

7. Controller

Controllers are the bridge between Models and Views. Controllers process the requests coming from the browsers and pass the requesting information for presentation to the Views.

For further insight, have a look at Ruby on Rails Architecture here.

8. Why you should use Ruby on Rails for Startup?

Ruby on Rails scored big among development languages and is the best choice of the developers. Just like any other tools and languages Ruby on Rails has its benefits and pitfalls.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should use Ruby on Rails…

9. Large Community

Rails is just not a development tool but a community of different developers, who are working together as a community. This informal community provides a large variety of different jobs, recruiters, meetups, conferences. It is a popular and best social coding platform for beginners.

10. Availability of Gems

“Gems” is a software package that has the ruby app or library. Its used to improve or extend functionality or performance. Some of the “gems” provide a command line to help automate different tasks and functions and in this way it speeds up the developer’s work.

11. Cost Effective

The process of building functionalities with rails is very fast because it has a series of open source code available in the community. It also runs on free windows and

12. Code Quality

Rails basically use a ruby programming language that provides a high level of readability. So, it does not require any additional comments or separate documentation and this helps the developer to select present projects.

13. Testing

Ruby was developed with a focus on testing and this framework has built-in testing functions.

14. Diversity of Tools

Ruby provides a large variety of tools that help developers to provide more features in less time.

15. Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of Ruby rails is that it’s highly flexible. And it easily interacts with different technologies. Another benefit of using ruby rails is that it gives developers the opportunity of different layers on different apps.

16. Pitfalls


Rails are not as fast as Java or C apps mostly. They are slow down due to bloat, highly qualified programmers can check the code to improve the performance. But if rails run under JRuby, whose performance is same as Java.

17. Hosting Issues

Not every host support Rails because it can be more resource intensive like PHP. Few hosts do support rails like Amazon EC2, engine yard, etc.

18. Popularity

Rails are becoming more and more popular and many developers switching from other languages to this ruby language. It’s not as popular as PHP and Java. But this language is more difficult to learn like PHP. But the major difference between ruby and other languages is the open source code “gems”, and this is more helpful for beginners.

19. Lack of Documentation

In a nutshell, rails is a big web app platform with a wide range of integrated features. This is used to make every type of web app. This framework is becoming more popular because it is regulated, accurate and well established. This framework is very helpful Rail apps will be constructed from of a lot of files with the organized structure of models, views, and controllers.

Takeaway – In a nutshell, rails is a big web app platform with a wide range of integrated features. This helps to make every type of web app. This framework is becoming more popular because it is regulated, accurate and well established. This framework is very helpful Rail apps will be constructed from of a lot of files with the organized structure of models, views, and controllers.

Do you need help to build and manage your Ruby on Rails Applications? You are a decision away from success. Stay on track with Clustox. Drop them a line and complete your projects.

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