Pointing Godaddy domain to Heroku app

Are you looking for ways to point your Godaddy Domain to Heroku? Worry not! here we give you 5 easy steps to point your domain to Heroku app:

Add Custom Domain

Add custom domain on Heroku

$ heroku domains:add www.myapp.com

Configure DNS

Go to Godaddy and configure DNS

  • Login to Godaddy and click “DNS zone file” tab
  • Under CName section click Add record and select Record Type as “CName”
  • In Host set www 
  • In Points to set your Heroku app link to myapp.heroku.com

Trouble Shoot

Now if someone goes to “www.myapp.com”, they will be directed to your Heroku app.

Wait, But what if someone goes to myapp.com (not with www) then the link will not work.  You need to add forwarding from myapp.com to www.myapp.com

To add forwarding; Go to settings tab -> forwarding section. Add new forwarding ( without masking ) from myapp.com to www.myapp.com Congratulation, you are all done! Please take note that the changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the internet. So, be patient 🙂

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