Smart MD is a minimalistic hospital management system for public sector hospitals of Punjab. Through this app,patient registration and other processes in pharmacies and laboratories have been automated in different hospitals of Punjab.

Complex Business Domain
A non-singular standard manual process was used in the hospitals of Punjab before this.Although a number of hospitals also had customized standard processes to solve the administrative issues,but still understanding all variants of processes and automating them in a generic way was a real challenge.
Setting a digital legacy
No digital legacy existed before the deployment of this software.All the systems in those hospitals were completely manual.We had to start with basic data entry with completely untrained staff.The workflow of Smart MD needed to be as simple as possible.
As more hospitals joined the network,the need for a highly scalable infrastructure emerged as the need of the hour,because Smart MD was getting dozens of requests per second.
24/7 Availability
Smart MD was automating emergencies of busy hospitals,so we had to ensure its zero downtime.It could not be unavailable even at the time of deploying the code.
Limited resources
We had to prove the usefulness of Smart MD in a short period with a small budget.Completing the project in a short time while understanding the business domain needed a lot of time; it was a tricky job.
Complex Business Domain 
We did several on-site visits,conducted interviews of staff from different hospitals,departments, and roles to understand the existing process and problems faced by end-users.
Setting a digital legacy
Training a completely naïve staff was a tedious job.Not everyone adopts change so easily so many of them were just angry because they were not used to the system.We prepared training material and deployed training staff on-site to get end-users at ease with the system.
As scalable infrastructure design is our core expertise,we designed robust infrastructure that split the write and read operations and divided load in multiple nodes through the load balancer to ensure the system’s 24 x 7 availability.

24/7 Availability

While solving the issue of Scalability, the problem of 24/7 availability was also solved by using the same robust infrastructure.
Limited resources
Our solid project management processes made this challenging endeavour possible in a short time with a limited budget.We focused on simplicity and acceptance by end users instead of trying to build a wholesome of features that nobody wants to use.
Hospital Management Platform:
It provides an affordable information management platform to the healthcare institutes.
Cloud-Based Application:
The data of the patients is saved in a cloud-database and its security is ensured.
Efficient Care Models:
SmartMD offers efficient care models for patients by using ML and big data.
Informed Decision Making:
It helps health institutes to make informed decisions related to medical research and business development.
Custom Software Development
key features


Technology stack



  Swift 4


Kotlin/Java 7


Web (Admin panel)

    Ruby on Rails

     Google Map API

    Apache Spark

      Apache Kafka

       Postgres DB

     Apache NIFI

   Postgres GIS








Production server:




  Apple Store

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Do you want to get anything like that?