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Clustox is a global tech consulting company that aims to provide technologically accelerated business solutions to its clients. Our qualified team of trust IT professionals dedicates its efforts to provide our clients with the most exceptional yet unrivaled services.

Ruby On Rails Services We Offer

Our competitive in-house developers are ROR maestros. With engineered expertise in the field, we offer a wide range of services to our valued clients.

Custom Software Development

We provide development for web services and web-based apps, The digital products offer scalable solutions and tackle technical issues.

MVP Development

We aid Startups to get their hands on the most exceptional quality MVPs at a lowered cost in short a period.

Enterprise Modernization

Our experienced team implements enterprise features within no time while ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Code Audit

We house forensic code analysts who perform keen inspections of the code to detect bugs and anomalies.

Rescue Mission

Our in-house professionals redeem faulty client websites and applications, breathing new life into them.


We use Ruby on Rails to design Attractive websites that aim to provide first-class user-friendly experience.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the few programming languages that are popular for rapid development. The framework also brings life to numerous other competitive advantages to the developers as well as the users. Some of them are.

Rapid Development

Ruby on rail is a battery included framework with MVC architecture that assists in speedy development of applications.


It is an open-source framework that helps build robust applications within no time.


Ruby on Rails’s dry approach and standardization helps in building scalable web applications.


The safe platform assists in lowering vulnerabilities, making the applications and code immune to threats.

Code Maintenance

Ruby on Rails Powered by rich libraries, Ruby on Rails enables developers to build quality applications with lower risks.

Code Quality

Ruby on Rails code is expressive and concise. And the readable code is easier to understand and keep clean.



Web server

App frameworks


App server







Web server

App frameworks

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Why Clustox Team

Clustox provides competitive yet technologically accelerated solutions to its clients that perfectly match their requirements.

Strong Tech-Expertise

We hire well-versed developers with vast experience of the field who impart supreme quality work to the clients.

ROR Contributions

Our extensive experience in working with Ruby on Rails rightly places us to make valuable contributions to the framework.

Partnership Attitude

Clustox’s profitable partnerships with its clients have strengthened their corporation’s position in the global market.

The Agile Pioneers

We pair Agile principles with the development procedures to save time and enhance cost-efficiency.

Recent Ruby on Rails Project

Wisran is an innovative startup idea that deploys data science to measure time variations of farming. The technology determines the field equipment, labor, and fuel expenses. This allows farmers and custom operators to keep track of the average cost per acre and prevent losses.

Engagement Models for RoR Projects


Time and Material

To start working with a Time and Material approach, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work, not the full project. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

How Does Time & Material Model Work?


  User Stories/Acceptance Criteria


 Iterative Development

  Sprint Review & Testing


Fixed Price

The Fixed price cooperation model is suitable for startups. It performs best if you have clear requirements with determined deadlines and a limited budget for software development.

How Does Fixed Price Model Work?

  Requirements Discovery

 Scoping & Milestone


 Alpha Version & Refinement

  Acceptance Period



Dedicated Team

Whether you need a full project team or extra developers to supplement your in-house team for any purpose, the Dedicated team model is the right choice. You may take on all management responsibilities or we can handle everything for you.

How Does Dedicated Team Model Work?





Developing an application with Ruby on Rails?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients related to Ruby on Rails:

Why Choose Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a robust framework that offers far-flung benefits to developers as well as the users. It is one of the platforms that save both time and money.

What Are The Benefits Of ROR Over Other Programming Languages?

ROR comes packed with numerous ready-made plugins and modules. The framework not only promotes bug-free development but also eases the process of test automation and maintenance.

Which Websites Are Built With ROR?

The websites built with ruby on rails are Airbnb, Github, Shopify, Groupon, Goodreads, and countless others.

What are alternatives of ROR?

Famous alternatives of Ruby on Rails in development are Django, Laravel, Next.JS,Node.Js, and Phoenix etc.

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