This app basically combines different types of expense tracking software.We used tag management systems (Mix Panel), User Engagement Tools (Apptentive) and Analytics (Flurry, Google Analytics) for enhancing the User Experience.

Revamping the Solution
The original code of this app is Legacy Objective Code (MRC based code). Later on, Apple changes these techniques to ARC and we had to revamp the whole code.The UI was also old fashioned as well.
Code Quality
A number of freelancers had worked on this app. The code was written by multiple.So the code quality was not good and it was not in a proper order.
This app is working currently.It keeps a record of all the data both in case of time-based payment and distance-based payment. In case of distance-based payment, it also keeps a record of the map. Monthly reports are created and then the payments are made on the basis of these reports.
Revamping the Solution
We managed to revamp the solution according to the new technology of ARC.The User Interface was redesigned as well.
Code Quality
We worked on the quality of the code and refactored the complete code to bring it in a neat and tidy form.

Accurately Scan Receipts:

The app accurately scans the receipts and enters the data for the users automatically.

Auto-Track Mileage Expenses:

With Falcon Expenses, the mileage expenses can be tracked in different ways.

Log Billable Hours:

It uses an integrated timer to track billable hours. Billable hours are calculated based on the hourly rate provided by the user & the number of hours tracked.

Email Expense Reports:

Expense reports in PDF and/or spreadsheet format are shared with the users through emails.

Custom Software Development


key features

Technology stack



  Swift 4


Kotlin/Java 7


Web (Admin panel)

    Ruby on Rails

     Google Map API

    Apache Spark

      Apache Kafka

       Postgres DB

     Apache NIFI

   Postgres GIS








Production server:




  Apple Store

C.E.O Falcon-expenses

The team is very professional; they give attention to details and excellent work quality. Will definitely work with Clustox in the future! Excellent knowledge of Mobile development helped us refine our idea and implementation of App! They have competent and skilled engineers who are able to solve complex and simple problems with ease. The team was able to quickly grasp our code from A to Z and restore it back to where we needed it. Their work was flawless and work ethic was A+++. Their team has dedicated and passionate engineers, who are professional and hard working. I would not hesitate to recommend and / or hire Clustox again for another project.

Do you want to get anything like that?



Do you want to get anything like that?