Life With Clustox

At Clustox, you’re part of a family of leaders. Leaders who challenge the way things are being done, and find disruptive ways to break norms and create impact. Leaders who will always have your back.

With us, you are expected to execute relentlessly and fail spectacularly. We want you to laugh a lot, enjoy nonstop, and have a blast every minute of working together.

Company Benefits

Our team works while using different Programming Languages, Database Frameworks, Tools and Infrastructure Providers. We facilitate our employees as much as possible and provide them with the best working environment.

Competitive Packages

As one of the top tech companies in Pakistan, our compensation packages are highly competitive, in terms of your salary, performance rewards, and plethora of benefits.

Performance Reviews And Increment

The employees are given Biannual Performance Reviews & Increment.

Provident Fund

All Clustoxians receive a matching contribution by Clustox towards their Provident Fund.

Knowledge Sharing

Internal webinars, regular workshops, and rich knowledge base.

Free Coffee and Tea

Clustoxians can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee at office.

Company Picnics

In order for Clustoxians to relax and to support teamwork, we organize multiple fun-filled picnics every year.

Work from Home

To accommodate family emergencies and other special cases, Clustoxians are allowed to work from home.

Employee Referral Rewards

When discovering our ideal candidates, we consider our employees to be our best assets. Our Employee Referral Program offers referral bonuses to the referring employee upon each successful referral.

Performance Bonuses

Performance is not just appreciated, but fully rewarded at Clustox with biannual bonuses.

Loan Against Provident Fund

To protect employees against financial difficulties, we offer loans against the provident fund based on the set laws by the Government of Pakistan.

Structured Trainings

Structured trainings are scheduled on a wide range of topics throughout the year to educate and develop the skillsets and mindsets of our employees.

Daily Lunch

We offer daily lunches to our team members so that they stay healthy and energetic. Clustox makes sure its family members enjoy a flavor-rich food prepared by keeping all hygiene facts under consideration.

Indoor Gaming

Short fun breaks for play are common at Clustox where Clustoxians can choose to enjoy rallying at table tennis, cueing on pool, and scoring in badminton.

Clear Performance Feedback

We don’t leave you hanging; every employee has clearly demarcated performance goals and quarterly feedback meetings that assess them.

Casual and Annual Leaves

You deserve to go on that annual vacation you’ve been planning. And when you work here, you’ll have ample time to sit back and relax when you do.

Pilgrimage Leave

On top of sick, casual, and annual leaves, you can apply for leaves if you have religious obligations.

Flexible Timings

At Clustox, we take pride in flexible timings that range from morning, evening to night shifts. So, you get to determine when your shift starts!


Whether it’s 14th August or The New Year, you can expect a little something sweet from our side.And We’re Not Stopping There! The Perks Keep on Getting Better Every Year.

Wedding Gifts

Clustoxians who get married after joining Clustox become entitled to an awesome surprise gift!

Gifts for Newborns

Clustoxians blessed with a child receive an amazing gift for their newborn!

Wedding Leaves

Clustoxians are entitled to take time off for their weddings.

Disability Leaves

In case of serious injuries leading to disability, Clustoxians are entitled to disability leaves for recovery.

Public Holidays

Clustox remains closed on all public federal holidays throughout the calendar year. Exceptions are made for our rockstar customer success teams.

Internet Allowance

Clustoxians can avail internet allowance depending on the nature of their work.

Maternity Support

Our employees are part of the Clustox family from day one of their joining. We empathize with the needs of becoming a parent and offer maternity and paternity support to all Clustoxians.
Opportunities at Clustox

Clustox has lots of great opportunities and offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and a competitive salary. Explore the possibilities below.

One of the Leading Software Houses Today:
Clustox offers a very professional but at the same time a lively environment to its employees. The senior management is very supportive. The employees are always appreciated to increase their skill set at Clustox. So hurry up, and unleash your talents!!
Friendly Environment
We keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and actively transforming it into action.
Global Exposure
Global exposure at Clustox extends beyond geographical boundaries. This means working on world-class projects on a global scale and exploring cutting-edge technologies.
Employees are given opportunities to be trained on appropriate systems, processes and modules and encouraged to discuss their career prospects with their Manager or the HR Department.
Flexible Hours
We believe in the completion of tasks rather than enforcing long hours of work with little productivity.