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Over the past four years, we have got thousands of new users every single day. To handle enormous traffic with zero downtime and frequent feature additions, we had to design a robust yet highly scalable architectural infrastructure for Bookafy.
Continuous Improvement
Adding new features at an early stage, while keeping workflow of existing users untouched was a tricky job. Using limited resources of an early-stage startup to support live users’ issues and adding new features required great micromanagement.
Product Evolution
Users’ feedback pushed Bookafy towards an evolution. We had to retain our users by incorporating their feedback quickly while keeping all feedback inline with the core idea of software.
Multi TimZone
Due to a global user base in different time zones and people using Bookafy to book their appointments across the globe in different time zones, Bookafy needed to offload users for taking care of time zones while booking their appointments.
Bookafy has around 3000 paid users now out of 5000 total active users. It is evolving with new features, and its growth indicators are pointing towards great success.
As scalable infrastructure design is our core expertise; we designed robust infrastructure that split write, read operations and divided load in multiple nodes through the load balancer to ensure the system’s 24 x 7 availability.
Continuous Improvement
Our project management process helped us in establishing proper L1 and L2 support for existing users. Issues were reported via different channels, like emails and calls. Our experienced project managers were always busy in analyzing issues, user’s workflow and all possible outcomes of their fixes.
Product Evolution
Users’ feedback was the top priority of Bookafy. We restructured our design, changed workflow and provided customized user experience for non-paid customers while keeping the pace of enhancements steady.
Multi TimZone
Our project management process helped us in establishing proper L1 and L2 support for existing users. Fixing any issues faced by users remained our top priority during the entire course.

Recurring Appointments

Schedule recurring meetings to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can customize recurring appointments.

Calendar Integration
Connect with up to six of your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendars, so you’re never double booked.

Admin Control

Centralized staff calendar allows the organization to manage appointments efficiently.

API + Webhook

Custom API and webhook allows you to integrate robust appointment engine with your platform.


Customize platform according to your needs and remove Bookafy brand to align with your brand.

Integration with Software:

Bookafy integrates several other world’s best software products.

Custom Software Development
key features

Technology stack



  Swift 4


Kotlin/Java 7


Web (Admin panel)

    Ruby on Rails

     Google Map API

    Apache Spark

      Apache Kafka

       Postgres DB

     Apache NIFI

   Postgres GIS








Production server:




  Apple Store

Bookafy Review

Casey Sullivan
Founder & CEO

I have been working with Salman and his team for a long time… they are doing great work and I highly recommend them. I have their team currently (and into the future) working on 2 projects including and They are delivering good quality work. Thank you!

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Do you want to get anything like that?