What are push notifications
Given the technological era we are living in, it is no wonder that every day expose us to the emergence of new mobile applications, smartphones, software updates and much more. With this, there appear new terms that we do not know for sure. One of these terms is Push Notification, something we see and use every day. In today's post, we will tell you what exactly is push notification and what’s its mechanism.


A push notification is an alert message sent to the user of a smartphone or tablet. The notification is related to the installation of a mobile application. Concretely, when you send a Push message, all people who have downloaded your application receive it in the form of a notification. It usually takes the form of a full-screen alert or a small message at the top of the phone's home screen and can also be accompanied by an alert sound. The user can choose whether to receive it or not. To have a clear idea about the push notifications, have a look at this infographic:

According to the infographic:
  1. The majority of mobile push-notifications (41%) are used to report the release of new applications or new versions of existing ones.
  2. The second, no less important, use (24%) is the distribution of special offers or links to specific landing pages.
  3. 14% of push-notifications are used to inform users about new content available in the application involved.
  4. 12% is used to send advertising or referral links.
  5. The remaining 9% is used for other types of information.


Push-notifications concept penetrated in the marketing sphere very quickly. But, there is a fine line between cooperation and excessive persistence. Push-notifications should provide the user with valuable information and contribute to long-term cooperation. Therefore, messages need to be timely and contain relevant content. For example, if the application developer wants to sell children's place in the push-notification for the production of the coffee company, such communications will be treated as spam. It will not contribute to the creation of relationships - the application will lose its popularity. Some marketers use GPS technology to send mobile push-notification when a user is close to their outlets. Such an embodiment, user interaction is more preferred. The main thing - is to provide information that users want to receive in a timely manner.

Also, the effective application of push-notification is to inform the user about the actions of his friends. For example, Facebook via push notification informs users of new comments to their posts.
If you are going to use the Push-notification as part of your marketing plan, make sure that you follow these simple rules:
  • Content must be relevant, topical
  • Content must be tied to social networks to discuss the possibility
  • Enabling unsubscribe
  • Do not exaggerate with the number of notifications - more than six per day will annoy most users.
Above all, remember, it's all about practice. Your first campaign push-notification may not be perfect, but the experience will give an impetus for further improvement. If you still need consultancy about push notifications, knock at us. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

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