Penetrating into the Payment Solutions business

Expanding our expertise, we – the Clustox family – feel great to share with you, our new work domain i.e. Payment solutions. We recently penetrated into this industry by providing the Payment solution to a well-reputed company that helps small businesses to use EPOS software just as the big giant setups. Here are some details of what we did and how does the system work. Have a look!

Overview Of The Project

Our project of developing payment processing solution is unique in its own way as it lets the businesses to process payments using the mobile devices. To make that possible, we created a third party API that could communicate between the mobile devices and some highly reliable card reader terminal models, used with the majority of EPOS solutions across the globe.


How We Made It Possible And What Can The Solution Do?

We implemented our client specific protocol, to communicate with their card reader terminal, over TCP/IP. Our well-documented API provides non-blocking methods, to perform transactions and get reports from the terminal via callbacks. Integration with our API is made easy by accompanying integration guides, for both Android and iOS. Each API has an associated callback method to provide the extracted data from receipts and reports, received from Card Readers, thus providing a fluent, non-blocking user experience. Here is exactly what we made possible through our software:

Before Implementing Software

After Implementing Software

The well-known setups use our software. If you too, need any assistance in getting the E-Commerce solution, knock at us. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019

The Journey of iPhone from 2007 – 2016

The iPhone is one of the star products from Apple. Since its launch in 2007 until today, iPhone has positioned itself as the mobile that revolutionized the mobile industry. According to the sources, the mobile industry now accounts for over  4.2% of world GDP  and iPhone is one big contributor to that percentage.

As we all know, the iPhone owes its existence to the  Apple and Steve Jobs but we might not know is the journey that iPhone have come through. Read on to get to know!

The Start

It was June 29, 2007, when the ‘iPhone was launched in the US market, at 18:00 local time. From there, the iPhone started its journey. Let’s have a look at the Infographic that provides a clear insight of the iPhone journey and see everything that has changed this mobile device.

first Generation

The iPhone first generation original iPhone or iPhone classic went on to sell more than 7 million units and was named the invention of the year by the Time magazine in 2009.

Second Generation

iPhone 3G
As the name suggests, the  3G iPhone was the first phone to incorporate Apple 3G capacity.  Within the first week of its launch, the phone made the sale of over 1 million units.

Third Generation

iPhone 3GS
The third generation of iPhone, presented during the WWDC 2009, was the first phone to double your RAM up to 256 MB incorporating a 32GB model. Like its predecessor, more than 1 million units were sold only in the first week of its sales.

Fourth Generation

iPhone 4
iPhone 4 represented an aesthetic revolution compared to its predecessors with glass enclosures, in addition to a major step forward doubling the resolution and introducing the front camera for the first time. It is one of the oldest history iPhones with 4 years of life.

Fifth Generation

iPhone 4s
With exactly the same aesthetic like its predecessor, the iPhone 4s was one of the best seller smartphones in the history, selling more than 17 million units, of which 4 million were sold during their first week.

Sixth Generation

iPhone 5
With the sixth generation, the iPhone arrives first at 4 – inch screen and 1GB of RAM, selling more than 5 million units during its first days on the market. It was the time when iPhone fever was on the boom.

Seventh Generation

iPhone 5c
Launched by the name of iPhone 5s, this phone intended to be a low-cost iPhone with a rear polycarbonate shell, but the fact is that its price was very similar to other versions. It was the first iPhone in implementing colors on the iPhone, ranging among white, pink, yellow, green, blue, and the traditional black and white color.
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5s was the first phone to incorporate the Touch ID Home button to the device. They also come in different colors, though somewhat more elegant than his little brother: space, gold and silver gray. In a year it sold more than 10 million units.

Eighth Generation

iPhone 6
The penultimate generation iPhones to date was a sizable jump; the 4.7 – inch iPhone 6 was the least larger of the two devices submitted in September 2014. Along with its older brother, Apple sold over 75 million units of iPhone 6 in the fourth quarter.
iPhone 6 Plus
If the 4.7 – inch iPhone 6 was already a revolution, the release of iPhone 6 plus with the 5.5-inch large screen left all in a state of shock.

Ninth Generation

iPhone 6s
The iPhone 6s inherits the best of iPhone 6 with an identical screen with an improvement in its performance with the new A9 processor and allegedly twice the RAM than its predecessor. The cameras have also improved with the ability to record in 4K, and pink promises to cause a sensation.
iPhone 6s Plus
Obviously, the iPhone 6s Plus is more or less the iPhone 6 Plus. This model becomes the best iPhone ever in terms of performance with the new A9 chip, improved camera at 12 and 5 Mpx respectively, and the arrival of 3D Touch this new phone.
iPhone 6 SE
The iPhone marked a return to the small screen (in this case, 4 inches) after Apple’s foray into increasingly larger diagonals. In terms of design, its appearance is almost identical to the iPhone 5s (same screen resolution), but with somewhat better components, doubling the RAM, increasing battery capacity and maintaining the same rear camera that the iPhone 6S.

10th Generation

iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 launched just today brings revolutionary new features to the iPhone including the new SoC A10 Fusion, water and dust resistant qualities, AirPods with lightening connectors, Retina HD display that is brighter and colorful, improved speed  and updated iOS version 10. With this all, iPhone 7 introduces two new colors called Jet Black (gloss black) and Black (black) to its iPhone color range.
iPhone 7 Plus
Launched with the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus includes all features of iPhone 7 on a bigger screen of 5.5-inch; the screen that renders multi-touch display with the IPS technology. The iPhone 7Plus offers improved battery as compared to the iPhone 7.
That’s all about iPhone till date. Apple plans to introduce more stunning features next year so keep your fingers crossed and see what’s coming next!!!

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019