All You Need To Know About Web Design & Development

What is web designing and development?

There are varied skills and disciplines involved in web design, that are used for the websites’ production and its maintenance. The various parts that are used for encompassing web design usually include the graphics and interface design, user experience design, standardized code, proprietary software, and search engine optimization.  The field of website design and development is very vast. Different designers and developers can choose their areas of interest.

Web Design:

Web design is basically used for referring the design process which involves a website’s front-end design. In broader terms, web designing is considered to be complex as compared to web engineering. The reason behind is that it is expected from the web designers to have knowledge about the technical usability of the website and its accessibility guidelines.

Web Development:

Web development is used for referring to the tasks that are involved to come up with a particular website for WWW. The development process includes all the single page simple websites, as well as the complex web apps, electronic business, social network services, etc. Web development is the part that is not visible to the users and it remains hidden. It ensures the efficient working of your website and its proper functioning.

How can you grow and evolve your business with the help of proficient website design and development?

Web design and development services are very important for the growth of a business. Web designing helps the business to grow in the following ways:


It is an essential aspect of web-designing particularly when you have a website with different pages. Therefore, there must be a well-labeled navigation bar for showing the list of web-pages and keeping your website organized. It would allow the users in exploring and understanding the website in a better way and thus persuading them to visit it again.

Content of the website and its Visual Aspects:

These are related to the creation of engaging and informative content on your site that is full of crisps. For this, there is a need to determine the perfect choice of font-style used, as it helps in delivering a message to the target audience in the right way.

Uniformity of Brand:

The brand is responsible for setting one company apart from another organization. Mostly, it is supposed to be identified by the help of logo. So, if your company is using a distinguished logo for communicating with the target audience, it is important to make sure for placing the logo strategically over the website in order to connect instantly with your audience. It helps to maintain the uniformity of the brand. The best web design and development companies know these things well.

Engagement of Customers:

If the layouts of websites are such that they entice the customers, only then they will get themselves engaged with your company. They must be attractive and there should be the right pictures and content chosen.  Everything should be in place in a symmetrical way.  

Web development is more concerned about the website’s development for the internet. It involves different tasks including web engineering, web content, web-server, development of e-commerce, network security configuration, etc. The fame of web-development has been growing for the past years by leaps and bounds. People now spend a lot of time over the internet and make a research about the items they want to purchase. Therefore, it is important to get web development services from competent developers.

Web development helps the business to grow in the following ways:

Providing Accessibility to the visitors:

A properly developed website with a good layout and back-end functionalities helps an organization in luring its customers to make purchases over the web. Thus it leads to the company’s growth.

Convenience for the users:

A website that is well-developed helps in providing the customers with a lot of feasibility and convenience. This is because the customers can always check out their requirements whenever they like, by looking up the website of the company. There is no need for going down to a particular location physically; they can easily get their desired information in a matter of seconds. When the users find a website convenient, they publicize it through word-of-mouth that helps in enhancing your business growth.

Helpful to carry out marketing throughout the globe:

Different organizations can get the benefit to reach out the customers throughout the world via online business. This increases the base of their customers and this eventually leads to an expansion in the business.

What are the tips for improving the design and development of your website?

By using some simple tips, you can improve the design and development of your website. This can help you engage more customers and your target audience will increase.

1. Design of the website should be uniform. There should be the same design on all the pages. Otherwise, it does not look professional and sometimes confuses the users when they move from one page to another.

2. Design of your website should be impressive and captivating. The elements of contrast, brightness and visibility should be adjusted sensibly. It is important to keep the various sections separated including navigation bar, search bar, advertising areas, etc. The users prefer to follow the graphical indicators for understanding the page contents.

3. Do not complicate the stuff! Keep your web pages simple! The visitors do not like indecent visual effects. You must mention these things in your requirements when you get web design services.

4. Stay as much professional as you can. You have only a few seconds for capturing your visitors’ attention. You have to keep this in mind. A professional design is important because it encourages your visitors to stay on the website.

5. Use the right color palettes and make the right combinations.

6. The ease of navigation is significant. Different visitors arrive on the website through different voices like a social network, email, search engines, etc.

The web designers and developers working with Clustox know all these things well. They are skills enough to provide the best and the most reliable web development and design services to the customers of the company!

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019


Create an application for iPhone or Android? That is the question. When you start soliciting developers to get a quote for your application project, you will soon realize that the cost of developing your application will not be the same for both platforms. In general, prices for mobile application development for iOS are slightly higher than those of developing for Android. Do you know why?

The Development Of Mobile Applications For Android

Let’s start with Android, the most popular operating system in the world, whose market share is over 80%.

Basic features

  • Created by Google, Android is distributed as open source. This means that any smartphone manufacturer may equip its aircraft if it wishes to or in other words, he is free to run the code on any machine. In addition, there are multiple sources for learning how to code with Android. Therefore, it is relatively easy to embark on the development of mobile applications for this operating system.
  • Android is based on the Linux kernel.
  • It is possible to adapt Android to the infinite number of terminals.
  • Android uses SQLite for data storage.
  • It uses a web browser based on WebKit.
  • It supports HTML, HTML5 and Adobe Flash Player.
  • Android provides the developer an emulator to test applications, tools for debugging memory and a performance analysis software.

Compatible mobile devices

The most known devices running Android are:

  • Nexus
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Huawei

The tools needed for developing mobile applications

Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE tools are ideal for embarking on the development of mobile applications for Android. They can be used from Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, given the open-source nature of the operating system.

Android applications are mostly developed in Java. There are two platforms:

  • JRE (Java Runtime Environment), which contains the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), the language of the base libraries and all the tools necessary to launch Android applications.
  • JDK (Java Development Kit), which contains the JRE and set of tools for writing and debugging code.

The cost to get into the development of Android applications

To become an Android developer and publish applications on Google Play, you must first register as a developer at Google. The procedure is very simple and takes just a few minutes. It must fulfill the one-time registration fee of $ 25.
It should also invest in a smartphone, for example, Nexus 6 costs about $ 500 and a single computer to $ 400 on average. This leads to a cost of approximately $ 925.

The development of mobile applications for iOS

The impressive growth of Android in recent years is mainly at the expense of iOS which now holds a 15% market share.

Basic features

  1. iOS is an operating system developed by Apple.
  2. It is a variant of Mac OS X, which is the operating system for the Apple brand computers. It is based on Unix.
  3. The installation of equipment other than the iOS is impossible.
  4. Although it is a proprietary operating system for Apple devices, developers can freely make improvements to its SDK.
  5. Unless jailbreak their smartphones, installing third-party applications is not possible.

Using Adobe Flash is allowed only from iOS 8, but users of iPhone, Touch or iPad to iPod with a version prior to iOS 8 can not take advantage of this update today.

Compatible mobile devices

Only Apple mobile devices can operate under the iOS operating system, including:

  •  iPhone 4, 5, 6, etc.
  • iPad, iPad Mini,
  • iPod nano, iPod shuffle

The tools needed for developing mobile applications

Since the year 2008, any developer has been able to make use of free mobile app development kit for iPhone as well as iPod Touch. However, to use the app on devices and sell, you must register with the iPhone Developer Program, which pays him. The development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is only on Mac with Xcode application. Objective-C and Swift are the programming languages used to develop iOS applications.

The cost to get into the application development iOS

IOS developer license costs almost $ 99 per year. It should also be equipped with a smartphone whose price is on average $ 600 and a Mac at least $ 800. The total cost is then up to $ 1500.

The development of mobile applications for iOS is more expensive than that for Android, but the price difference is not explained by the costs that must engage developers. As you can see, the amounts do not differ much. The Android market is more competitive, and developers who venture there tend to lower their prices to retain their potential customers, however, the iOS market provides greater price stability.

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019


Over the past few years, we have witnessed how mobile application development trends are constantly changing our day to day life. We use applications for all kinds of tasks: from booking a taxi to ordering food online or renting a room etc. But what’s next? What will be mobile app development trends 2019? This article will give you a clear idea of ​​what you can expect for the coming years and why integrate emerging technologies to offer the best user experience.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

The development of mobile applications is a field with rapid growth and at the moment there are no signs that the pace is going to slow down. Currently, some of the segments that are gaining momentum are gaming applications and social networking platforms. These are the same categories that are primarily for brand purposes of a business. Now let’s look at other trends that are directly impacting the mobile application development industry.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Virtual assistants are just the beginning

For a couple of years, the use of AI, that is, the technology of Artificial Intelligence, has exploded while products and services are implementing this intelligence with automatic learning, so AI is providing important knowledge through advanced analytics.

Some examples of machine learning and AI technology are:

  • Cortana from Microsoft
  • Google Duplex
  • SwiftKey AI
  • Hound
  • Microsoft Pix

Motion and location detection: Multiple positioning options

A trend in which we will surely see more advancements this year is the detection of movement and location. Nowadays, mobile devices use several positioning methods to provide accurate location information.

The applications for motion detection can be used to address issues such as theft, energy saving and safety, while location detection applications are widely used for games, features geotagging, fitness apps and vehicle navigation.

Some examples of motion and location detection are:

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)

Iot – Smart objects connected to mobile

These are so-called  “Internet of Things” or “IoT”, which for those who do not yet know, is (in short) a network of physical objects integrated into the software, sensors and other devices through network connectivity.

Now, with the help of these objects, data can be collected and exchanged without the need for human interaction. The IoT is considered as a technology that will change the world of application development. Samsung, Bosch, Honeywell, Philips, and Xiaomi are the main players in the market for smart objects that have a connection with mobile devices.

Some examples of the trends of the “Internet of things” would be:

  • Nest Smart Home
  • Kisi Smart Lock
  • Canary Smart Security System
  • Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror

Innovative mobile user experience: What should and should not be done in UX Design

No one can refuse to accept the importance of user experience design (UX) in the entire process of developing web and mobile applications. In order to have an effective visualization of the content and the data, it is extremely important to obtain greater participation of the users.

Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the most popular mobile applications that are famous for their eye-catching and attractive application designs. One thing that is common in all these mobile applications is that they continually build new patterns that represent interactive interfaces and intuitive designs.

Wearables: An essential accessory for the future

There is no denying the fact that the wearables market is growing, which creates a great demand for applications for this type of device. According to a recent report by Statista, it is estimated that total revenues from sales of portable devices will reach 33,780 million dollars by the end of 2019.

The wearables sector focuses mainly on providing applications that are profitable and that people actually end up using. For example, Google Fit wants to help combat the increase in cardiovascular diseases that occur due to the deficient lifestyle of the population. To control this, wearables are available as fitness clocks that control factors such as calories and heart rate of users.

Instantaneous applications: Applications that do not require download

The instant applications were first released by Google in 2016. These applications offer better performance and are smaller in size with options similar to those websites so that a user can directly access an instant application without having to download it.

One of the main reasons why instant applications will receive much attention in the coming years is that they eliminate the entire purpose of installing applications. Also, they allow users to share them. With instant applications, we are now one step closer to making the user’s mobile experience as seamless as possible.

Blockchain technology: Smart contracts will be a turning point

There are lots of other things in blockchain technology along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The term blockchain can be defined as a digital ledger that is used to perform transactions; this technology is almost incorruptible because it not only records financial transactions but also everything that has virtual value.

In this sense, there is a technology that can be utilized in applications such as smart contracts which execute agreements that have been established between two (or more) parts once they have fulfilled a series of previously specified conditions.

This will be really interesting in industries like

  • Retail
  • Health
  • Banking and finances

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality health

For most mortals, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have become something that combines a futuristic approach with entertainment. For example, Pokemon Go was a game that really explained the concept of augmented reality with practical use.

You can now check these technologies out on social media platforms. This can be done in order to create brand campaigns and reach the target audience through mobile applications. For example, Instagram and Snapchat have used AR filters that can easily turn a human face into different digital characters.

However, in the future, it is more likely that we will witness the important role of virtual reality in the health industry to perform surgeries and complicated operations.

Having read these latest mobile app trends for 2019, what are your bets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019


Do you know that the development of an application does not stop even after its submission on the app store? Create and upload an application to abandon it is not recommended. You should constantly work to improve your app in all its aspects.
Even if you prepare well before you jump in development, there will always be a thousand ways to improve your application. This article will show you only those that are most important and at the same time, easier to apply.

Improvement # Adapting to new versions of operating systems

Undoubtedly, this is the most urgent improvement and the need for any mobile application. Always keep the source code to perform the updates each time.
Android and iOS app innovations from one version to another is not always great, but every change, even the smallest, can affect the use of your application.

It is also essential to stay abreast of developments in the field of mobile devices, especially if you realize the development of Android application because there are many smartphones and tablets running this operating system with very different screen sizes. Analyze regular types of devices your users use to adapt the display there.

Improvement # Bug fixes

Which is that application that never happened to quit unexpectedly? Even WhatsApp or Facebook, nothing is perfect. There is no ideal mobile application, and yours certainly is no exception to this rule. The good news is that nothing is final in application development, and it is, therefore, possible to make alterations to correct serious errors or bugs that appear sporadically.

It’s a simple change that can bring you a lot. Users will notice it quickly because getting rid of the bugs, you will improve the user experience and, thereby, significantly reduce the risk of abandonment of your application.

Improvement # Monitor trends in application design

This is the most complex improvement and we recommend performing this only when you make major changes in your application. The design is inseparable from the image of your brand, so be careful not to lose the essence of it when you make changes.
The applications world is changing at a breakneck pace, and it is also important to take into account new styles applied under Android, iOS and other operating systems. History shows that these changes can sometimes upset the design of applications. For example, in just a few years after the arrival of flat design, also called flat design, all applications have been rehabilitated to become “flat” and simpler,

Improvement # Improve the efficiency of the application

You can focus on improving your application screen by screen, but this is not always necessary. It is advisable to check from time to time efficiency and ease of use.

To do this, stop a moment to think about the details and not lean on the whole project. Ask yourself these questions: If the registration process is it not too long for desperate users? Are there any screens that have never been visited or unnecessary buttons? If you find the loopholes, fix them.

Improvement # Suggest new features

Some companies remain on the market without really innovating, but most of them must evolve to survive. This is absolutely vital for the digital sector. Mobile applications are part of this world, and you have to adapt to the market by offering new features and services to users with of course aim to leverage your business.

Improvement # Analyze and refine the user experience

Having a wonderful idea of the application and a business plan to make competitors pale is not enough to ensure the success of your project. Sometimes users do not like your application and they abandon it right after downloading. If this happens, it may be that the flow of interaction and user experience of your application is not optimal.

The best thing to do in this case is to consult a professional application developer who knows why your user behaves in one way or another and that will help to improve the functioning of your product. Often you just need a little editing to get everything in order. Sometimes rethinking the design and structure of the application may be necessary if you do not want your product to be relegated to the slums of online shops.

Need a developer to create your app? We can help you.

Improvement # Simplify or include more content

It is sometimes difficult to find a balance between “too much content” and “not enough content.” Check what your users say in the comments. You may discover they are lost in the multitude of information or sections available on your application or, on the contrary, they appreciate its contents and they are asking for more. If this is the case, do not rush and analyze what will be included in the next update so the application does not become obsolete and the content matches the needs of users.

Improvement # Analyze user behavior and define a strategy for your application development project

The analysis is an essential part of any application development project another. There are several tools, often available for free, for analyzing the behavior of users of an application. Identify aspects of your product that need improvement, based on data from a large number of users.

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019


Contrary to what it may seem, a free application is the best way to generate revenue in the mobile application market. Assigning a price to an application means creating a barrier for people to download it. It is common to see applications that were initially free getting thousands of downloads every week, and by incorporating a price, discharges fell by 95%.
But if the application is free, how you can generate income? Don’t worry, there are ways for that too. In today’s post, I’ll share four ways to monetize free mobile applications. Give it a read!

  In-App Purchases:

This type of order in the application is what is called model “freemium”. Downloading the application is free, but once downloaded, the user can make purchases within the application to access further services. As for income generation in mobile applications, this is the method through which higher revenues are generated. If you look at the top 20 most downloaded applications can see that all of them are free and use in-app purchases to generate their income.

Examples of freemium models:

Some examples of freemium models are:

  • Acquiring the “Pro” version of the application: It is the classic strategy to attract more users, i.e. “try it first before you buy it”. In this model, a free version of the app that is only available with a number of features is given to the users with an option to pay for the full version of the application. The examples are the ones that say: Unlock Extra features of the application or the ones that allow the use of the application after a trial period and disable ads within the application.
  • Purchase of virtual goods: This model consists of purchasing goods within the application. It is very common in games like Clash of Clans where you can make purchases of virtual money, life, weapons, etc., allowing the user to progress faster in the game.
  • Content: To acquire additional content such as a song, a video, a story, a game level, etc. offered by the application.
  • Subscriptions: Common in content applications such as books or magazines. The user buys the application for free by accessing some of the content, with the option to pay a subscription to have the ability to access all content. An example of this model is the Spotify subscription. It lets you use the application for free, but if you subscribe offers, you get the content both online and offline.

  Mobile advertising:

As with web pages, applications can generate revenue by incorporating ads within the application. The key to this model lies in capturing the largest possible number of users. The main drawback is that advertising is always uncomfortable when using the application and if it is too aggressive, it may even cause the user to discontinue the use.
Need a developer to create your app? We can help you. 

  Sales of a Service / Product: 

The application is a tool to provide a service or sell products. Some examples of this model are:

  • Uber: From this application, you can request and pay for a car sharing service. The current valuation of Uber is above 66 billion dollars.
  • Doctors on Demand: This application allows us to get a consultation from a licensed physician through a video conference in exchange for money for 15 minutes
  • Amazon: You can use the Amazon app to buy almost anything that is available on

Note that if the application is to be used for the purchase of goods or services. You can not use the mechanism of purchases in Apple applications. You need to use other means of online payment like PayPal or

  User Acquisition:

The classic example of this business model is WhatsApp. Facebook has acquired it for 19 billion dollars. The main value of Whatsapp is that over 1 billion users generating more than 18 billion transactions a day. Therefore, developing a free application and acquiring a large number of users is increasing the value of the application. Later, the users can monetize it, either by selling the application itself, through advertising or other methods.
So, through these 4 ways, you can actually make money from your free app. Use the one that suits you best and enter the world of mobile applications! Good Luck!

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019

Process Automation – 6 Advantages!

Automation today is the principle of big companies or you can say that it is the automation adoption that makes companies big in other words. The automation of processes is actually the implementation of a system that reduces – or even eliminates – the need to perform work with manual controls. With this, the company can achieve many benefits. And in today’s article, we will talk about exactly these advantages. Follow reading and check out right now!

Productivity gains

As we approached initially, process automation greatly reduces the need to perform manual tasks. It becomes a cause of a shorter time for carrying out significant demands. You can also reach this kind of agility while accessing the information and its sharing.
That is, the same team can produce more, in less time, making it more efficient.

Improved team performance

The benefit regarding the team is not given only by productivity gains, in fact, the performance can also be improved. As the basic routine tasks shall be made automatic, employees will have leisure time, which can be used to develop strategies for other tasks that require greater involvement and are more relevant.

Enhanced Managerial Reporting

Many software allows you to generate reports that give the manager a much wider and complete view of the results of its operations. Thus, access to information is more agile and they consolidate in one place, making it even easier for to make the decision and create new plans.

Error reduction

Another major advantage of process automation is that, as the processes end up being executed automatically, the error rate of the tasks is significantly reduced. This, in turn, causes people to have more control over the process which allows them to identify more easily what are the weaknesses that make the processes inefficient.
Consequently, the improvement identification process becomes simpler and more assertive. Besides the fact that, with fewer errors, the need to rework decreases.

Cost Reduction

All aspects that have been cited  – increasing productivity; reduction of errors; reducing the need for rework; improved team performance and improving processes – ultimately lead to lower costs, either by reducing itself or through the elimination of waste.

In some cases, you can realize the cost savings and increased process efficiency in the short term.

Higher quality

The reduction of waste and errors with continuous improvements impact positively on the quality of products and services for the customers. In addition, the company also starts to notice an improvement in service, through agility.

As we have seen, the process automation can provide several advantages that help achieve more efficient management and improve the routine of employees and the experience that customers have with the company, both in consumption and in the relationship.
What did you think about this post? It became clear as the process automation is beneficial for a company, or left any doubt? Enjoy the comments and let us know about your questions on the subject. Join!

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8 Best Prototyping Tools Available for Free!

Many entrepreneurs trying to start a business or launch a new product or service, dream big. They have a great vision for their ideas. Many also fail. They fail to realize their ideas in small steps  and then climb. The key to start with a new idea, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, business or SMEs, is to design a prototype. All in all the procedure to get success is:

Dream big, start small and scale fast… but act now!

A prototype can be something like a mockup of a mobile application, a template of a website or even a drawing on a napkin. It is also regarded as an example, model or previous release of your product to validate the concept, processes and behaviors of your users.
A prototype helps give a leap from the theoretical to the practical. In simple words, we can say that the prototype is like a jump to throw you overboard.

Why should we create, design and use a prototype?

Prototypes can help you in many ways. Some of the benefits are given below:

  1. They are useful to shape a new idea.
  2. These help better define the requirements of your product
  3. To improve your internal processes of development of new products
  4. Understanding the problem at the technical level
  5. To improve communication between your designers and development team.
  6. Enforces you simplify your ideas!
  7. To help you move faster in developing your business or company.
8 Tools to design and build a prototype

These 8 tools can help you design and create prototypes of your business ideas. With many of these tools, you can generate free app designs, mock-ups, web page templates and many other things.

If you’re thinking of starting your business, start by creating and designing a prototype with any of these tools.


Flinto is an excellent tool for prototyping your iOS applications. You can generate prototypes for your iPhone or iPad very easily and realistically.

It also gives you the option of creating flowcharts and processes to see how they would experience for your users.

      InVision App

InVision app is a leading company that developed a platform for collaborative design. They work with companies like Evernote, Adobe, Airbnb, Salesforce and much more.

The platform gives you the flexibility to design, review and test your prototypes without writing a line of code.

Their motto is “Good design is good business”.


Axure is a more complex platform that lets you create prototypes, templates, and specifications to make decisions when creating a new product. It has a functionality to generate advanced prototypes beyond just links between the screens.

Axure also works within your team to discuss, approve and iterate your prototypes.


Skitch is one of our favorite tools to provide feedback on new web designs and products.
With Skitch, you can take pictures of your screen, annotate comments, give drawing instructions or write important information for your developers.


Balsamiq was one of the first tools we use to design the template of our website. Many features of a product are visual hence it is difficult to translate the requirements verbally or in writing even.

This tool can help you get a better template of your prototype in an easy and simple way.

      POP – Prototyping on Paper

Do you have an idea about creating a mobile app? Draw, download and try. It’s that simple.

With POP, you have a very simple process to design on paper, take a picture and play with your app in the app.

      User Testing

More than a tool, User Testing is a page where you can deliver your prototypes or Beta Apps and let strangers try your mobile application, prototype or product. It is probably the easiest way to receive feedback on your prototypes, mobile applications or web pages.

One of the great advantages of User Testing is that you can choose your target audience, specifying tasks and see the results in videos using your prototype with participants.

Create new prototypes of your apps without writing a line of code. has an advantage of being able to work in most operating systems necessary to create a free app. It works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


After reading this article, you should have enough reasons and resources to start testing your prototypes. Test, test, and test…. Not all solutions are equal. Some people prefer solutions that others don’t.
If you are thinking of creating an app, website, product or service, I suggest you start with a prototype. Before attempting to design a final product, start with something simple.
It sounds great and it shows that you understand the details of your project. Having the prototypes mean that you can run and validate your ideas.

For more assistance in developing the prototypes or the product, you can knock at us.

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How many times have you ever heard the phrase “Download our App to stay up to date…”? So many times, and if you notice, it happens more and more often!

The market of the Mobile App is also growing because they offer a better user experience and greater content availability. But let’s see what are the advantages that a company in owning their own App:

    Enhances Visibility:

The company gets more visibility through the publication in the App Store (iOS and Google) and sharing information on social forums. Hence, having an app means good publicity for a company.

      Increases The Value Of The Brand:

Having your application is indicative of a dynamic company, always attentive to the evolution of technology and keeping up with the times. These are the values that greatly increase the authority of the Corporate Brand.

      Improves Customer Interaction:

The App offers the customer the opportunity to interact in real time leafing through catalogs, images, articles, consulting and sharing content

      Extended Media Coverage:

75% of the planet is not yet connected to the Internet, hence with the mobile world you can reach the users with poor Internet connectivity, and seize every possible opportunity for your business.

       Easy To Share Their Content With Those Of Mobile Users:

The App gives you the ability to send communications and promotions to the customer; since the application allows much creativity, you can create special Apps to communicate directly with customers without having to resort to other means such as mailing lists, phone messages and so on.

      Improved Connectivity:

The company will always be accessible by users through the maps, Geolocate venues, and events.

      Ability To Differentiate Themselves From Competitors:

The App gives the company an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Certainly, at the present time your competitors will not be using apps, so, be the first to publicize your app as it increases your value to potential customers.

      Have Control And Know Your User’ Perspective:

You’ll always have the traffic of your app under control and you can learn about the opinions of users and the number of downloads made.

With these advantages, having an application for your company shows that your company is responsive, always ready to develop new ideas in the future market optics. The company’s App then is a necessary tool for any business and that has a low investment with a maximum yield. We at Clustox develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Visit our portfolio and check out the numerous examples of apps that we have achieved.

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According to research conducted in May 2015 by Statista, there are more than 3 million apps available for download in the main app stores for mobile.

Making the program that you developed to be discovered is one of the biggest problems faced by publishers and creators of this material. But there is a very effective technique for improving this condition. Even though it is ignored by most developers: the App Store Optimization (or with ASO abbreviation).
You know what this feature is and how it works? We recently did a post on the basics of ASO; what is it and how it works. Today, we will guide you about the 5 key factors involved in choosing the right ASO keywords for your app. Read more below and discover these 5 factors!


Relevance is the level of importance of a particular keyword for the hearing of the app. Irrelevant keywords will not lead to any conversion. Therefore, you must try to find the words with which users search for apps like yours. You can do it either through technical terms, abbreviations or phrases commonly used.
You must seek words, not from the perspective of the brand but the user. Sometimes it’s okay to ask for help from family and friends to find words that relate to your app because they are not contaminated with your terminology on the project.  On the other hand, you must bear in mind that it would make no sense to include keywords that relate well to your project, but these disappoint users who do not find what they are looking for.


Another important aspect to consider is how difficult it is for a particular keyword to rank in the top 10 on a scale from 0 to 10; 0 being an easy level and 10 the most difficult level.
The difficulty is very important in relation to traffic. If I have a keyword that has a huge traffic, but a high difficulty will not have an increase in downloads. Conversely, if I have a lower number of searches, but a lower difficulty will have definitely an increase in downloads.

It is useful to note that the keywords with a high difficulty generally have more traffic, but what is the difficulty in identifying the target that we have to consider to increase downloads?
If your application is already on the store you need to find the average value of the difficulty for the keywords used. It identifies the difficulty of the keywords used up to that point, the stack with each other and making a division by the number of keywords spread. The average value is our starting point. We can then choose keywords that have a difficulty value equal to or lower than the mean value obtained.

If instead, it is a new application should be taken as a reference value of difficulty equal to or less than 3.

There are several platforms that help us measure the degree of difficulty. In the case of iOS, measure mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch). In the case of Android it is a single score (regardless of the device in question).


Finally, we have the traffic that causes the high number of searches performed for a given keyword. Therefore, on equal difficulty, it is appropriate to choose the keyword with a higher traffic. In the market, there are also tools that measure the level of traffic. No one exactly, but make an estimate of how many searches have a certain keyword on a scale from 0 to 10 (which appear with 10 being the most sought keywords). This data helps us to make better choices: if we have two keywords with similar levels of importance and difficulty, traffic will be the factor that helps us to make the decision: you have more searches.

Number Of Apps

When choosing a keyword it is interesting to analyze the number of apps that rank for that ASO keyword. So we know the estimated number of apps competing for the same keyword. If we have an interesting game of marketing, we may want to bet on a particular keyword even very competitive. This is because we will have more opportunities to stand out.


When our application is launched, we can see through some ASO tools the position of our application when the user searches for that keyword. We can compare our situation with regard to competition. If the results are not satisfactory, review your keyword again!

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019


There is a bundle of concepts lingering in the mobile application development and you must have heard of these especially the “Behavior Driven Development” and “Test Driven Development” but do you know what “Support Driven Development” really is? Let’s first have a look at the definition of “Support Driven Development” given by the founder of this concept – Kevin Hale

“Injecting humility, accountability, and responsibility into the development process by making sure the creators are also the supporters. If I’m going to build this, how does it affect me later when I have to support the user?” – Kevin Hale

Well, this is a bit tricky, right? In a simple notion, you can say that Support Driven Development is the process that helps you develop a product aligned with customer’s needs as you modify your project at every phase as per the suggestions and demands of the users. To get a clearer picture, have a look at some of the benefits that Support Driven Development brings to your project/product.

Benefits of Support Driven Development:

The benefits of Support Driven Development are many and to name a few, here is a short list:

Accelerates Product Knowledge:

There is Nothing that can throw a reasonable amount of light on the strengths as well as weaknesses of a product or service better than a user or a customer. The reason is that they are people who actually use that particular product and analyze it.

Helps improve the Product:

The collab between the product’s maker and the user is very important. Support Driven Development also offers this kind of collaboration.

Helps the developer become active and involved to a greater extent in the product

It is normal human behavior that when a person has to support his own work, he tries to give it the best shot and as soon as they know they are lacking somewhere, they find the way around to fix the issues coming up. These two factors together make the development more active and involved in the product.

Improvise Support Mechanism

Developers with the technical knowledge bring new ideas to automate support mechanism to the best possible level. This enhances the quality of support provided to customers and improves the ways of Support as well.

Brings happy Customers

With a constantly improving product, great attention, and quality Support, the Support Driven Development brings a happy customer.

Knowing all these benefits, we offer Support Driven Development in addition to the Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development. So, if you have any project in hand knock at us and we will accompany you to take your project from inception to completion.

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Editorial Team June 14, 2019