Best Software Development tools in 2021


Software development tools are programs that are used in developing, supporting, and maintaining different applications and software. These tools assist in providing a wide range of facilities that the developers need at the time of programming. Therefore, the need to choose an agile software development tool that could help achieve workflow efficiency is crucial. This also leads to the process of programming becoming time-effective as well.

There is an extensive range of software development tools available in the digital market. The tools include code editing, code review, and documentation tools. Some of the robust yet efficacious programming tools are as follows:

    1. Linx

      Linx is a popular software development tool that is used to build and automate applications and web services. The tool accelerates the designing of APIs for mobile and web applications. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop environment, it is powered with an extensive library that makes programming a facilitated process. It also allows easy integration of the code with databases. Linx eases the process of debugging the code and looking for syntax and logical errors.

    2. Atom

      Atom is an open-source tool built using the framework called “Electron.” The tool allows programmers to contribute to codes as if they all were writing it in a single code editor. The desktop code editor is an extremely user-friendly software that runs on almost all the operating systems. It is a customizable software application that helps developers write code faster with a smarter autocomplete facility. The features of Atom which make it developers’ favourite also include Atom’s built-in package manager, file system browser, and replace features, etc.

    3. Cloud 9

      IDE Cloud 9 is another open-source IDE ware readily available on the internet. The cloud-based IDE allows various programming languages like JavaScript, Perl, Python, JavaScript, PHP, etc. It is a web-based platform that allows the running and debugging of programs to be done in the cloud in a hassle-free manner. Cloud 9 IDE makes multiple editing at the same time much more accessible, therefore making code collaboration easy. Another essential feature of this tool is its real-time code analysis and reformatting.

    4. NetBeans

      NetBeans, also called Apache NetBeans, is famous for its smart editing. It enables developers to write bug-free codes in no time. The tool is an open-source and a free software development tool that allows the development of various applications using C, C++, and JavaScript, etc. Another added feature of the intelligent tool is its efficient project management. Moreover, Developers choose it because of its rich set of plugins and cross-platform support. NetBeans produces lucid codes that help new developers understand the structure of the application.

    5. Eclipse

      Eclipse is an IDE that is used by Java developers in different programming applications. It also supports programming languages like C, C++, PHP, and C#. It is open-source and free software that allows collaborative coding too. The software development tool is powered with a collection of libraries, facilitating rapid prototyping and coding. Besides, Eclipse makes the process of syntax checking and debugging time efficiently. Developers can easily integrate this IDE with frameworks like TestNG, JUnit, and other plugins.

    6. Zend Studio

      Zend Studio is a PHP IDE that enables software developers to code faster and debugs more quickly. The next-generation IDE has a variety of built-in tools, plugins, and Add-ons, which leads to more yet rapidly efficient coding. Furthermore, ZendStudio supports various other development tools like Git Flow, etc., Enabling exceptional code documentation, the software development tool offers improved performance in indexing and validation for PHP code.

    7. Komodo

      Komodo is a paid open-source text editor tool. It supports the latest programming languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, and C++. The advanced tool has a customizable interface and a logical project manager. It assists programmers in significant processes like unit testing, visual debugging, and code refactoring. It is a robust IDE that offers powerful snippets, macros, and user scripts. Code folding and block commenting are also two of the commendable features the Komodo provides its users.

    8. Gerrit

      Gerrit is a web-based code collaboration tool that is integrated with Git. The tool is widely known for its side-by-side view and inline commenting. An open-source tool from Google is great for team collaboration. Programmers have the facility to view and merge changes into the Git repository. Furthermore, It can manage multiple repositories at the same time too. Gerrit also allows you to identify mistakes in the code via a keen review before it becomes part of the main codebase.

    9. Jira

      Jira rose quickly to fame as an exceptional bug tracking software. The tool allows developers to devise a strategic workflow, which in turn allows project managers to keep track of team performance. It can also be integrated with other development tools, therefore making the development process hassle-free. Besides, Jira aids in assigning tasks and keep track of the software development life cycle. The tool has the added benefit of automatically updating issues, and transitions work when the code is committed.

    10.  Sublime Text

      An addition to the list of cross-platform source code editors is Sublime Text. The editor is the developers’ favourite due to its attractive user interface. It allows smart code completion with the benefit of quickly inserting code snippets. The new version features improvements in handling files and folders with improved filtering options and notifications. Sublime also offers a large number of keyboard shortcuts, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of coding.

    11.  Android studio

      is an IDE that supports Google’s Android operating system. The advanced software allows the quick building of layout of apps and preview changes made in the code. The tool assists in testing your code on different devices in comparatively less time. The tool has an intelligent code editor and built-in templates that make the application development process speedy. Andriod Studio helps developers to connect to Firebase. The connectivity helps to create direct updates and provide databases needed by a codebase.

 Although all of the above-stated software development tools are highly efficient yet systemized tools, it entirely depends on programmers on how they yield maximum benefit out of them. Therefore, the need to master a software development tool remains crucial before a developer can start coding.


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basit mehmood April 28, 2020

How to Work From Home? Tips To Increase Productivity

With the COVID-19 running rampant on the streets across the globe, more than 394,000 people are known to be infected till 24th March. With the death toll rising each day, countries have enforced various preventative measures to counter the pandemic. These include the shutdown of schools, universities, and markets, etc. Consequently, the dynamicity of the business world has also come to a shocking halt projecting losses of millions of dollars.


To cut down the loss, many businesses and companies are now enforcing the ‘work from home’ policy. If you are an employee struggling with this transition, then we have some fantastic tips for you. These hacks will not only increase the productivity of remote working but also make your quarantine less annoying.

  1. Find ways for maximum online, face-to-face interaction:

    Conducting meetings with your colleagues, employers, and managers help you stay on track and focused. Online communication can be done through applications such as 

    > Zoom

    > Cisco

    > Goto meeting


  2. Provide comprehensible guidelines and boost up the morale:


    If you are a manager, you should act as a cheerleader for your team members, directing them with clear cut and unambiguous instructions. These instructions can be delivered via web-based applications like:

    > Trello

    > Slack

    > Jira

    > Todoist

  3. Communicate with your colleagues:

    Instead of panic shopping and worrying about the ongoing situation, maximize your efforts in regularly communicating your colleagues. This, in turn, could diminish the feelings of isolation and depression

  4. Dress as you dress for your office:

    The essential tip for home-based working is to adorn the habits you have for the office. These include dressing up yourself in office clothes, sitting in an upright chair, and adjusting eating routine accordingly, too.

  5. Find a dedicated space:


    To maintain an aura of professionalism and output during the period of remote working, create a separate space for work. For example, you can designate a table in that area of your home where the distractions are minimal. In addition, the specific area should have the least noise level and interaction with family members.

  6. Define daily goals:

    Having set daily goals creates a feeling of obligation. This means you will feel the duty to fulfill them all by the end of the day.

  7. Fix your sleeping routine:

    By allocating set times for waking and sleeping, you can cope up with the workload from your home in a better way. Consequently, you will be able to meet deadlines too.

  8. Set a time slot for recreation:

    Work from home does not mean getting overwhelmed with work. Priority should be given to setting time for self-relaxation.

  9. Install Teamviewer or Anydesk:

    Screensharing applications like TeamViewer allow users to share screens and remotely control each others’ desktop. This enables the efficient solution of problems often encountered whilst working.

  10.  Take care of yourself:


    With good health comes quality work. This means you have to take care of yourself first to produce the quality of work that your managers want from you. Keep yourself hydrated and deploy good safety precautions to prevent you.rself from this life-taking virus


    In conclusion, if you are working from home, setting certain goals to multiply your efficiency by a factor of two. Not only does implementing the above-stated hacks unlock the benefits of remote work, but also make you enjoy your stay during this critical time.


    Stay safe, Happy Quranatine =)

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basit mehmood March 24, 2020