It is a SaaS-based project for Supply Chain Automation Industry.10 Scan is a multi-tenant app owned by Tech 10 Suite.It replaces the heavy duty machines and uses iPads and iPhones for scanning.

Inter-system Integration
It was difficult to make communication between different portions of the system,because the communication could not be done on a single protocol.Secure protocols and security sensitive validation was needed to be fulfilled.
Scanning optimization of iPad
We had to replace the heavy industrial scanners with iPads and iPhones and optimize the scanning process while using iOS devices.
Business Process Redesign/Optimization
Previously,the process of placing an order in supply chain used to be very long and multiple steps were involved in it.We had to optimize this process and make it user-friendly.
User Training
User Training would have been hard,because a solely new system was supposed to be implemented.It seemed to be a real challenge.
Bookafy has around 3000 paid users now out of 5000 total active users. its evolving with new features like more and its growth indicators are pointing towards a great success.
Inter-system Integration
We made all the communication between different systems more and more secure.We did not compromise on the system security and hence solved the problems involved in inter-system integration.
Scanning optimization of iPad
We optimized the scanning process while using iPhones and iPads.
Business Process Redesign/Optimization
The system was made user-friendly and easy to be used.We redesigned the business process and optimized it to the maximum level by reducing the number of steps involved in it.
User Training
Since the system was already simple to use,the users got easily trained and they coped up with the newness of the system.They easily got used-to with the new system.
Data Security:
It offers a tiered solution with various access layers for data protection.
Operational Costs reduced:
It uses automated scheduling for decreasing the expenses of fuel and operational delays.
Effective Logistic Chain:
The business operations are studied for developing solutions to reduce the costs.
Improvement in Data Perception: 
The data perception can be improved by predicting shifts in demand, using dynamic pricing and making clear reports.
key features


Technology stack



  Swift 4


Kotlin/Java 7


Web (Admin panel)

    Ruby on Rails

     Google Map API

    Apache Spark

      Apache Kafka

       Postgres DB

     Apache NIFI

   Postgres GIS








Production server:




  Apple Store

Do you want to get anything like that?



Do you want to get anything like that?